TOP 10 photographers that will inspire you

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If you are a photographer, then for sure you need some inspiration for your art. Here you are some well-known photographers from which you can learn this unique art!

  1. Annie Leibovitz: A Rolling Stone magazine photographer with extensive experience, she also worked for other companies like Vanity Fair. She focuses on taking pictures of celebrities, particularly musicians. Lightening is her speciality.
  2. Gregory Crewdson: his pictures are very exotic, and he has become famous because of that. He puts a lot of effort and of capital into every one of his pieces, since his sets and props are huge and very expensive.
  3. Richard Avedon: this photographer travelled through America and took pictures of people in their daily lives. By doing this, he got some very impressive shots, which sometimes he printed in a large size in order to appreciate the high level of detail of his pictures.
  4. Elliott Erwitt: different from the artists already mentioned (since he is not a large scale photographer), he focuses on street photography and does so being humorous and ominous at the same time.
  5. Vivian Maier: she became well-known after passing away. Taking care of children her whole life, she took pictures of everything that seemed curious to her, on the streets and particularly aiming at strangers. Strangely beautiful, her pictures seem to be from another time!
  6. Ansel Adams: this photographer captured the beauty of nature, particularly in the area of Yosemite, California. He fought for laws to protect the environment. His love for nature was always reflected in the pictures he took.
  7. Steve McCurry: This very well-known photographer is widely recognized for capturing the picture known as “Afghan Girl”, one of the most famous pictures ever published by National Geographic.
  8. Robert Frank: this man travelled all through the United States and captured the essence of the country. He took pictures of Americans in their daily lives, and published the result in the book The Americans.

  9. Gary Winogrand: this skilled photographer was able to take impressive pictures without using the viewfinder. He achieved some very artistic effects by taking pictures of strangers with a wide angle lens.
  10. Dorothea Lange: this woman captured the poverty and decadence of the ‘30s. Her amazing shots narrated people’s stories in one of the harshest periods in American history.