6 tips to become a successful photographer

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The majority of photographers do not carry out their favorite activity because of potential earnings but because they like what they are doing and love art in general. If you love photography, you might actually make a living out of it. Follow this tips on how to do this, and you will certainly get it!

  1. You need to have your own place or at least an amount to rent a studio from somebody else so you can photograph them. In addition, be ready to do locations and to take pictures of crucial moments in people lives, like when they become parents, sell their houses, adopt a new pet and so on. You will need to have an online portfolio to showcase your work, upload it to a website, then market it on Facebook, Instagram and so on.
  2. Sell your pictures: there are many stocks where you can upload the pictures you take (as long as their quality is really high) and then receive an amount of money for every time your picture is downloaded. Photo contests are another excellent idea to get your pictures known. Do not think you need to be a professional to win one: everybody can! Just try it, there is nothing to lose.
  3. Showcase your pictures in a blog or another platform. Including ads and sponsored posts are great ideas to increase your capital. You can grow your readership by posting tutorials, professional tips or review products related to the field.
  4. Print the picture and put it on sale: you can either upload them on your site and advertise them, rent a showroom to display them or offer them to restaurants or places where clients might see them. Art galleries are great ideas as well. Just be sure that the quality of the picture is top notch.
  5. Offer your services to magazines and publications: you can always ask newspapers or magazines if they need some freelance photography. Even though it will not probably be something long term, it can be interesting to have it on the side. If you are lucky enough to establish a relevant connection, you might get somewhere in the future, particularly covering local events.
  6. Assist another photographer: in big events like baptisms or weddings, photographers most of the times need somebody to help them. If you feel you are not ready to start taking pictures on your own, then contact somebody you know (or that you don’t!) and offer your help. This is a great way of getting some hands-on experience! Remember that in order to start a career in this niche it is of utmost importance to have the best equipment possible; if not, taking high quality pictures is not possible. Research the market and choose carefully the camera you want to buy!


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  1. This is an excellent way to actually let others know my work and to finally almost get noticed. But most of all I am still learning more and more and understanding slowly about this photography work or job .

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